Westwood’s Exceptional Standardized Test Scores

Westwood Schools recently identified students eligible for the Duke University Talent Identification Program.  The Duke TIP program is designed to identify and serve students nationwide with exceptional academic potential.  Students who score at the 95th percentile or...
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Technology Teacher, Vicki Davis, Recognized by Forbes Magazine

Westwood congratulates our Technology Teacher, Vicki Davis, named by  Forbes magazine as one of the top 5 'educational voices' to follow.  Davis has hosted over 400 podcast episodes. Her podcasts have been downloaded more than 2 million times. She produces a weekday...
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Westwood Celebrates the Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, students and teachers at Westwood Schools celebrated the eclipse with activities and parties the entire day!  In the elementary school, the activities included K4 students making “moon sand” and making celestial shapes with it, first graders...
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Westwood Teachers Professional Development Training August 8, 2017 Led by Araina Reaves, Consultant GEMC

We had a wonderful Teacher Training called "StrengthsFinder" that was developed by Dr. Donald Clifton. This training was funded by a grant by Georgia EMC Community Development and Mitchell EMC with a cash-match donation from the Bank of Camilla. Gallup polls show that...
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Class of 2017 Scholarships Exceed $200,000

The Westwood Senior Class of 2017 continues to exemplify excellence, and the final numbers indicate that they have received an impressive total of over $200,000 in scholarship monies.  With the average award per student being over $8000, these upcoming college...
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At Westwood Schools, academics come first. Each grade level has a specific curriculum and goals to maximize each child’s development. To dig deeper into Westwood Schools’ outstanding academics, look at grade specific information:

We also have a world-class Learning Lab, award-winning technology program, and college counseling for every student in grades 9-12. We want students to succeed, so we’ve put support structures in place to help students not only dream big dreams but to develop a game plan based on those dreams. We encourage students to take action and hold themselves accountable as they pursue their dreams. It is our hope that every student who graduates from Westwood will become a lifelong learner.

Class of 2016 SAT Scores

  • Westwood – 1577
  • Lee County – 1409
  • Pelham – 1369
  • Mitchell County – 1359
  • Baconton – 1339
  • Thomas Central – 1337
  • Colquitt County – 1333
  • Bainbridge – 1309
  • Worth County – 1286
  • Cairo – 1278
  • Albany High – 1276
  • Baker County – 1200

Westwood is a College Preparatory School

Here are some recent graduates’ plans.

Recent Colleges Attended by Westwood Students

Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia

An excellent education in a Christian environment. A wonderful place to learn and grow!

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