Westwood High School

College Credit During High School

Dual Enrollment classes are taken during junior and senior year.  Math and psychology are taught by Westwood teachers. Other dual enrollment courses are available to take online.

Ready for College

All grades at Westwood build towards preparing students for admission to the college of their choice. High school is the final act in that preparation.

Well Rounded Citizens

Students are encouraged to participate in team sports, campus organizations, and volunteer work. We want each student to be strategically positioned to be successful in the world academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

A Wealth of Opportunity

Students have a wide variety of opportunities: one act play, literary, cross country, softball, cheerleading, football, shotgun team, basketball, baseball, track, and tennis are some of the activities offered on campus. Additionally, students have many clubs they can join as they learn to serve the school and community. Westwood helps all students become well rounded servant leaders and team players.

Westwood has a long tradition of competing and winning in everything from sports to literary. This attitude of teamwork, a commitment to excellence, and being well rounded is part of the DNA of successful Westwood students. We are a team, on the field and off.

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Time Honored Traditions

Westwood has many time -honored traditions passed down over the last 50+ years. From pep rallies to prom, homecoming to seniors having “little brothers and sisters” in K5 — Westwood has many traditions that bring us together.

We also have events that remind us about what matters in life. On Tuesdays, grades 6-12 have activity period. Students who do not go to club meetings get together in the Commons Area for a Christian devotional and character education emphasis. Events like Veteran’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and college fairs give students ongoing opportunities to serve and learn. “See You at the Pole” is an optional time for prayer and there are times during the year, the entire school family gathers for school-wide prayer.

Math Program

The mathematics department at Westwood Schools provides an excellent college-preparatory curriculum for both Honors and College Prep (CP) students.  At the beginning of 8th grade, upon the recommendation of school faculty, parents choose to place their child in either the CP or Honors mathematics track.  Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit through the Dual Enrollment program.

Classes are as follows:

College Preparatory Track

  • 8th Grade: Pre-Algebra
  • 9th Grade: Algebra I
  • 10th Grade: Geometry
  • 11th Grade: Algebra II or DE Math
  • 12th Grade: College Algebra & Statistics or DE Math

Honors Math Track

  • 8th Grade: Algebra I
  • 9th Grade: Geometry
  • 10th Grade: Algebra II
  • 11th Grade: College Algebra and Pre-calculus (possibly DE credit)
  • 12th Grade: Calculus I and Calculus 2 (possibly college credit or AP Credit)

In addition to the Dual Enrollment classes, Westwood also offers Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus.



Spanish, which begins in K-4, now culminates in an extensive exposure to the language with two years of study and the option of a third.


All Science courses are lab oriented and hands-on. However, labs are somtimes done online with simulations. Project-based learning and solving problems are basics of the science curriculum.

Language Arts

The vocabulary program, which begins in K-5, continues to build through the 12th grade. The Honors English program prepares students for the AP Literature course. AP Literature continues to have a strong pass rate from Westwood.

The Language Arts program continues to emphasize grammar with writing as its core with a solid appreciation of American, British, and Modern Literature. The use of technology to present, collect information, and create projects is used extensively in Language Arts. Students also research and write term papers.

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