The WonderLab

The WonderLab is Westwood’s internationally recognized center for innovation, STEM, and Computer Science.

Students in grades 5-6, 8-10 have classes in the WonderLab. Other students are invited to the lab for special coding and innovation events.

App Building

At Westwood, we build apps, programs, and service projects that make a difference. We are leaders in 21st Century education and excited to help our students learn how to collaborate, connect, and create.

Leading Technology

Students learn and play with leading edge technology including:

  • App Programming
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets
  • 3D Printing
  • Coding Video Games
  • Programming Robotics
  • Building and Making
  • Graphic Design

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are an important part of life. As students learn, they present to each other, to the school, and to online audiences to build confidence.

A Leader in Innovation

Since 2008, six film crews have been on campus from the media to interview students about their technology innovations. Additionally, Westwood has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, London Times, CNN Money, and various other media outlets.

Learn the Tools

Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and a wide variety of collaborative tools are part of what students learn to use in their creation and collaboration projects.

Forward Thinking

Technology change is not about the tools, it is about people. In the WonderLab, we learn to make our school, community, and world a better place by using our talents.

Problem Solvers

Projects in the WonderLab focus on answers that cannot be “Googled.” We create film, apps, and works that improve our world and solve problems.

Learning our Strengths

A primary purpose of the WonderLab is to expose students to a wide variety of activities. We want to help them find their strengths. From the YouScience profile to other projects, students have a variety of opportuinities for leadership and service.

Grant Funds New Technology Lab for Westwood

In December of 2016, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts (Archer Daniels Midland Company) awarded a $14,000 grant to Westwood School that is now funding a new technology lab for the elementary and middle school grades.  This new lab is equipped with iPads, Apple TVs and...

Virginia Vereen wins Digital Youth Contest: Edutopia to be Filming at the School This Week

We are very excited to announce that one of our ninth graders, Virginia Vereen, daughter of Cary and Azalee Vereen is one of the ten students in the Edutopia Digital Youth Contest. This is the information on their press release: "A CALL FOR DIGITAL YOUTH The George...

Westwood Students Win “Shark Tank” in Atlanta [NEWS]

Westwood Students Win “Shark Tank” in Atlantaby Vicki DavisWestwood School students’ Drone Zone App recently won $500 and two hours with a leading venture capitalist at a “Shark Tank” style competition at the Trinity School in Atlanta. The event was part of the US...

Westwood 10th Grade Named a Most Financially Literate Classroom in the US

Westwood tenth graders received an award for the most financially literate classroom in the country. They were in the top 10 in H&R Block's budget challenge and received a $2500 grant and another $5000 grant from H&R Block. The local video was shown on the...

Westwood Ninth Graders to present at the Global Education Conference 2013 at 9 am EST Friday 11/22/2013 – Join us!

Westwood ninth grade students will be presenting at the Global Education Conference 2013 tomorrow at 9 am with the University of Michigan graduate students and their professor Dr. Jeff Stanzler that run the AIC Conflict Simulation. Westwood Ninth graders have...

Westwood Students Celebrate the “Hour of Code”

This December, Westwood high school students celebrated the Hour of Code by teaching every student at Westwood from K5 through fifth grade about the basic principles of coding using websites like Tynker and Scratch. “In the next 10 years there will be 1.4 million...

Technology Teacher, Vicki Davis, Recognized by Forbes Magazine

Westwood congratulates our Technology Teacher, Vicki Davis, named by  Forbes magazine as one of the top 5 'educational voices' to follow.  Davis has hosted over 400 podcast episodes. Her podcasts have been downloaded more than 2 million times. She produces a weekday...

Ninth Grade Student, Miller, writes for British Educational Expert

The ninth grade students have been blogging and authoring this year about their work with digital citizenship and virtual worlds. (See their blog at One student, Miller S., (withholding full name to protect identity for this...

Westwood Students are Independent Filmmakers

A talented group of Westwood students, lead by Computer Science/IT Director, Mrs. Vicki Davis, is currently in the process of filming a Christian screenplay.  The screenplay is titled "Unspeakable", and the students working on the project are members of a Digital Film...

Digital Filmmaking

Digital filmmaking, graphic arts, and creative expression are a key part of 21st century communication. In the WonderLab, we place an emphasis on teaching students how to craft their own digital film.

Our students have won award and received media internships as a result of their work.

Invent This Project

In this project, students invent a new way to access the Internet. Their movie should be believable. In this film, Rebekah’s concept “The Eye Shot” is a contact lens that takes photographs.

App Shark Tank

When students make apps, they also design full websites, create social media campaigns and shoot video trailers to promote their app. In this film, the Drone Zone team films from a drone. This app went on to win a financial investment in the US Department of Education Shark Tank Project in Fall 2015.

Social Issues

When students feel strongly about a topic, we work to help them craft compelling stories. They use their film to encourage others to take action.

This trailer is a public service announcement (PSA) used to promote the Enough app. The app was designed to encourage those struggling with domestic violence to get help. This film is being used by a variety of organizations across the country in the fight against domestic violence.

Mad About Mattering

Mad About Mattering

Collaborative App Creation

In 2016, Westwood Schools collaborated with 170 other students to create 11 apps in the MAD about Mattering Project.  Judges from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon were part of the final judging process. The Uncut app won the competition.

Making and Creating

Making and Creating

WonderLab Orientation

Each year, students begin their orientation to the lab with an invention project.

Students have access to all of the tools and gadgets in the classroom. In this photograph, a student works with his Arduino-enabled car to demonstrate it to other students.

Some of the available technologies include:

  • Robotics
  • Sphero
  • Wonderbots
  • Arduino Boards
  • Hummingbird Robotics Kits
  • VR Headsets
  • 3D Printer
Media Interviews

Media Interviews

Crafting and Sharing Your Message

When the media comes to spotlight the WonderLab, Westwood students are put in the spotlight to share their work.

Learning to communicate your message to an audience is an important skill.

Online presenting, face to face presenting, and being comfortable talking to the media are some of the many ways Westwood works to help students express themselves in the modern world.

Technology Achievements

Tools We Give You to Be Successful

PowerSchool Access

Every student in grades 7-12 receives a PowerSchool username and password. This is linked to your computer userid and password. So, when you change one, you change both!

A Personal Email

Each student from grades 7-12 also has a person email account ending in Every teacher and other student’s contact information is pre-loaded in your address book. Just type their name and there they are! You can also use this to get student discounts when you purchase technology for education purposes.

A UserId and Server Space

Each student in grades 7-12 receives a computer userid. This ID can be used on any of the school’s computers on campus. Also, each student has a 2GB server drive to store files that you can access anywhere on campus. This is shown as your U: drive in network places.

Google Services

You email is through Google Apps for Education. This means you have access to all of the GSuite of Services (it used to be called Google Drive.) You can access all of these services at and log in with your student ID. This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drawings, Calendar  and many other services. This also means that you can set up Google services on your mobile phone using your Westwood ID.

Print From Your Computer or Mobile Device

The Westwood network is engineered as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network. As always, you must have permission to use your device for school-related work. You can print to the color laserjet in the Computer lab from your mobile phone or computer. See the technology director for help setting up your device. You must be on the student wifi network in order to print. This does not give you access to your network U drive.

Manage Your Mobile Calendars

Westwood uses Google calendar to manage our mobile devices. Click the link below in order to add the Google Calendar to your mobile device. When we make changes to the calendar, it will be updated on your mobile phone! (We also have some sweet calendars on this website too.)

Click the button below, then click the calendars you wish to add to your Google Calendar. Then, just link your Google Calendar with your phone.


Every student at Westwood has a U Drive
Students can print from devices to the color laserjet.

Sign up for an Office Live ID

We recommend that you sign up for a Microsoft Office Live ID. This lets you access Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint online for free. If you have Microsoft Office at Home, you can sync your files between school and home using their service!

We also recommend the digital notetaking service One Note. This is a free Microsoft tool that will sync between computers, your mobile phone, and all devices using the Office Live ID. See our IT Director for help.


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The WonderLab is part of Westwood's commitment to excellence.