National Honor Society

The Westwood National Honor Society is for  juniors, seniors, and second-semester sophomores who meet the criteria of leadership, scholarship, character and service.

Admissions Criteria

Please check the Westwood Policy Handbook for the most up to date criteria.

As of October 2016, students must have an 85 average or higher to be asked to apply and have been at Westwood for a full semester and not be a senior in their final semester. Students will be reviewed for leadership, character, and service.

Students will be invited to apply once, if they do not apply, they will not be invited to apply again. To remain active in the club, students must continue to maintain an 85 or higher average and meet the service and character requirements of the club. There are specific details in the student handbook about academic dishonesty and other issues.

Ongoing Activities

Each student member of National Honor Society completes 3 community service hours and 2 hours in service to the school per semester.

The club currently sponsors the National Honor Society Poinsettia sale each November, the Bocce Ball Special Olympics, and the Mitchell County ARC Pageant in November. Other projects happen throughout the year.

The club funds projects that aid in the scholarship and character development of the school.