The roaring 1920s, complete with Ziegfeld girls, pretty young flappers and gangsters is the setting for the Westwood School Drama Club performance of the musical Charleston! Two shows will be at the Flint River Theater, located at 108 South Harney Street in Camilla.  Show times will be on Saturday, October 24th at 7:00 pm and Sunday, October 25th at 3:00 pm.
Polly Pepper, a pretty young flapper played by Sydney Lamberth, is about to turn 18 years old and will inherit an extraordinary diamond necklace.  But watch out, trouble’s in the air!  Mobsters Dru Ford and Matthew Tucker are planning to grab the necklace and have devised a clever con to crash Polly’s birthday party. 
Also in the mix are the nefarious Duke and Duchess of Milford, Mac Collins and Cassidy Trebony, who plan to swindle Polly’s wealthy aunt, played by Ashley Carden of the family fortune.
The songs and dances in Charleston! are sensational, including ’It Has to be Jazz,’  ’Dijja Ever?’ and, ’Ev’rybody, Charleston,’ and feature a cast and crew of 38 students.  Everyone is invited to come on in and take a step back  into the Roaring Twenties!
Vocal numbers feature The Everly Sisters, played by Kathryn Collins, Darrah Butler, and Caroline Heard.  Radio announcer Jason Pham, and Akshay Patel as Ravi the butler add to the cast.  
The Crazy Cat Nite Club is where we meet Mona, club owner, played by Mary Kate Dallas.  Also featured in the club are the show-stopping dancing ladies Taylor Brinkley, Erin Smith, Lori Bentley, Loren Wray, Elizabeth Glass and Camilla Greene.  
The flapper gang consists of Karsyn West, MarLeigh Good, Patrick Vereen, Levie Walsh, Amanda Hosey, Thomas Briggs, Campbell Waters, Bella Underwood, and Sydney Singleton.  Gambill Dallas is the newsboy.
Lights and sound for the production are provided by Jensen Jones, Mark Glass, and Micah Toon.  Stage crew members are Collier Baggett, Tanner Stanaland, Douglas Hatcher, Tyler Lowe, Jae Park, Reid Ford, and Austin Bentley.

Charleston! is written by Tim Kelly, with music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur.  The play is directed by Azalee Vereen.  The performance is open to the public and admission is $5.