In 2008 the Georgia State Legislature passed a new tax law allowing taxpayers to contribute to private school scholarship funds and get a credit against their Georgia income tax bill. The credit is $1000 for single and $2500 for married taxpayers. For example, a married couple who owe $10,000 in Georgia income tax could contribute $2500 to GOAL for scholarships at Westwood and pay the remaining $7500 to the state treasury, therefore costing nothing to contribute to the program. C Corporations can contribute and receive a tax credit up to 75% of its tax liability. An additional benefit is that the amount contributed to GOAL is a deductible contribution for Federal income tax purposes. The GOAL Scholarship Program uses the contributions to fund K – 12 scholarships for public school children who desire to attend private schools. The scholarships are also available for all students who are eligible to enter K4 or K5 kindergarten. Contributions can be designated to directly support scholarships at Westwood School. All students who qualify for GOAL must pass the same entrance test and maintain the same standard of excellence as all other students.The GOAL Scholarship program has been hugely successful for our families and school. The program has helped 70 Westwood students this year. Obviously, in order for the program to be able to continually benefit us, families and corporations must continue to designate the portion of Georgia state income tax to the Westwood GOAL Scholarship Program. The deadline for making a contribution this year is rapidly approaching. We have received notification from GOAL that they are expecting the donation cap to be met by mid November. If you would like to donate to the program or if you have any questions about this program please contact Paige Johnson at the school at 229-336-7992, Mr. Richard Waters, CPA at 229-336-7218 or visit the GOAL website at