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Student passwords change
every 30 days. Parents need to use
their own parent account and id to prevent
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PowerSchool is made available to help students and parents keep up with grades. We have 2 kinds of accounts:

Student Accounts

Student accounts give students access to just their own grades. These are the same userid and password as the student uses to log into their computer at school. Every 30 days students must change their password. When this happens, the student’s PowerSchool password changes to match. So, students using the PowerSchool app will have to reenter their password.

Parent Accounts

Parent accounts are different. Parents can add several children to one account. Parents can also subscribe over email to lunch balances, grades, and more. Parent passwords do not change once they are set up, unless the parent does it. So, the usernames and passwords carry forward from year to year.
But, the first time you set up the account, you have to link the students to the parent account. The information to link accounts is given out at the beginning of the year. Parents can click “forgot password” or “forgot account” and manually reset their own password.

I’m having problems, how do I get help?

We’re happy to help you with your PowerSchool access problem, however, if you’re getting locked out every 30 days, you’re a parent trying to use the student password. We will not support changing the password on student accounts for parents. Students have control over their userid and and password so they know how to log into the school computers.
If you need help, please contact vdavis at westwood schools dot org or call the school and ask for the parent information form given out at the beginning of the year. We will do our best to help you but realize that it does take time. You may also set an appointment with Vicki Davis to receive help accessing your child’s account. 
We hope this helps you understand how the system works so that you can take steps to ensure uninterrupted access to PowerSchool for you and your students.
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