Please plan to attend the Westwood Auction on Saturday!

This auction is for all of Westwood. Many of you have never attended, but we need your help.
We have many wonderful items for sale, and all the money goes back to the school.

The Grandparents Club sponsors this auction, but we need parents to come and buy the
items that we have for sale. This proceeds from past auctions have bought all the buses that the school owns, paid for many repairs on the buildings, paid for tuition assistance, helped pay for the land the school bought, and many other things. This helps to keep your tuition lower. Please attend and help us to make this Auction the best one we have had! The past few years we have not had many parents attending the auction because you have not really understood that the Auction is not for Grandparents, but for the school. Most of the schools in our area have Auctions, but most of them are conducted by the parents!

The Grandparents Club does all the work for you! You just come and buy!

The Silent Auction begins at 4:30.

There are items for everyone: toys, plants, jellies, cakes, gift certificates to many of the businesses in town. Buy a cake or pie for Easter! Children enjoy picking out a toy that is priced very cheap! Jellies and pickles are available! There are grilled pork tenderloins, ready to serve, that are delicious! There is always a cooler full of Sue Adams’ Cinnamon Rolls. We have homemade salsa, and chocolate sauce, and nuts.  We have a new Arts and Crafts booth that has many items in it.