Westwood…Moving Forward

Westwood: founded by visionary, Christian leaders; built by dedicated parents who contributed money, time, and effort for future generations to come. We remember the sacrifices made, and we will continue to build on their legacy and to make the future even brighter.

For more information go to our Capital Campaign website: http://www.westwoodschools.org/capital-campaign.html

The time is NOW for Westwood’s Capital Campaign.

What is the Westwood Capital Campaign?

Because of the success and growth of Westwood in recent years, we need to add an additional building which will allow more space for designated early elementary and middle school areas. This will also open up two high school classrooms and give us new areas for art, science, and technology labs for the elementary.

Why give to the Westwood Capital Campaign?

In our 40+ year history, our school has been changing to meet the needs of our students to prepare them to become business owners, teachers, high ranking government leaders, politicians, business leaders, authors, judges, artists, graphic designers, professors, nurses, programmers, and more… At Westwood, we believe every child in is a winner. The time is NOW to help Westwood to move forward to continue its standards of excellence by investing in our children today.

Our Goal is $1,500,000.

There are three ways to get involved.

Download a Campaign Commitment Card and Brochure
Download a payment form (hand deliver to Rose Godwin with your check, credit card, or debit information)
Give online to the Campaign