Westwood takes donations for recycling and ink cartridges to raise money for technology programs at the school. We have a website now so you can recycle directly by shipping the boxes and you don’t have to bring your cartridges to the school.
Exciting news! We just launched a new website to promote our e-waste fundraiser! 
Visit www.fundingfactory.com/goal/westwood to learn all about our global greening impact and local fundraising efforts.
Through our partner FundingFactory, we turn used inkjet and toner printer cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics into cash and rewards for Westwood Schools. It’s easy and 100% free for us and our supporters. We use this money to buy incidental technology needs for teachers and for special student projects (like robotic building materials) that aren’t normally budgeted. Students request use of the funds as part of their genius project work in Mrs. Davis’ class.
As your friends and family to help. Right now, we’re using ink cartridges to set up a Minecraft server so we can learn to program in 3D, and a GoPro camera for our filming as well as some Apple TVs for teachers that request them. Get more information and join our team when you visit www.fundingfactory.com/goal/westwood.

We aren’t asking for money, we just want you to recycle your ink cartridges and old cell phones through this program.

Vicki Davis
Technology Teacher & IT Director