The community performance of The Little Mermaid will be Sunday, November 6 at 3:00pm. There is not charge for admission but donations are being accepted. You do not want to miss this enchanting performance. As the show unfolds, Anemone, an adventurous little mermaid leaves her undersea realm for a birthday excursion to the surface. She hopes to find Prince Theodore, whose statue she has found. Accompanied by her friend, Clem Crab, they begin their quest. The jealous Sea-Witch threatens Anemone. Her nasty shark co-horts terrorize all. The Sea-Witch magically conjures up a storm which sinks a ship carrying the prince. Anemone dives into the waves to save him, and later is tricked into trading her voice to the Sea-Witch. The performance features Miller Singleton as Anemone and Virginia Vereen as the Sea Witch. Trent Hester is Prince Theodore and Daniel Hays plays the role of Clem Crab. Supporting cast members include Pate Council and Hays Grogan as the evil sharks and Riley Ford and Erin Burnett as Georgina and Clara. The undersea world is ruled by Ralph Collins as King Neptune and Claire Collins as Lady Marianna. James Davis is the first mate and Tristan Swan is the Cook.Mermaids are played by Becca Bostick, Laken Lewis, Susan Davis, Ivey Carden, Hope Bailey, Mary Parker Westbrook Toni Hall, Courtney Cochran, and Kendall Butler. Kunjan Patel is the stingray.Thomas Hudgins, Scott Summerlin, Chase Hancock, and Daniel Gay are sailors aboard the Prince Theodore’s ship.The stage crew consists of Nolan Rigsby, Dylan Larkin, Ryan Coker, Alex Bowden andRiley Anderson. Hannah Hinesley and Zachary Hembree are on lights, while West Rogers is in charge of sound. This Hans Christian Anderson favorite is retold in script by R. Eugene Jackson, with music by Carl Alette.