Lots going on at Westwood this week!

Homecoming is Friday and we’ve had a great week. Enjoy the mini-parade and pep rally starting at 1:30 pm, Friday, September 29, at the track. Remember to send money for pie tickets with your kids (they are 25 cents a piece – everyone loves hitting people with pies.)

The dance entrance fee is $5 and for grades 9-12. Picture order forms can be downloaded and sent with them to the dance. [Download the PDF]

Those who want our “Spooktacular” T-Shirts. Please download the order form and send the money in with your students as soon as possible. [Download the Order form]

Sunday at 7pm the full cast of the One Act Play will be practicing.

Information on the Spirit of Camilla Southlands pageant is available in the High school office for anyone who is interested.

The fifth grade is collecting can tabs for 4-H. Please save your can tabs and turn them in to Mrs. Andrea and Mrs. Jill.

We need you to collect your boxtops and soup labels and send them in with your favorite elementary student as they compete to win awards at the end of the year. We need them!

The football teams continue to play and practice. The softball team is working hard and so is our cross country team. Please join us any time you can and cheer for all of our cats.

Next Thursday, October 6 at 7:30 am we have a meeting for parents and students that are interested in the students attending the Flat Classroom mini-conference in Mumbai, India in February 2012. This is a mandatory meeting. The students have forms that must be returned before the meeting. Email vdavis [at] westwoodschools [dot] org if you have any questions about this trip.

Our fifth graders skyped with NEPAL and AUSTRALIA last Friday. All of them came in at 7:30 am and we’re proud of them for being interested in getting to know people around the world. Expect this class to continue to travel virtually.

The kindergarten students are enjoying their leapsters and we’re working to purchase more of them. We’re also purchasing more Kindles and getting ready to start posting to the Kindle Kids corner again.