Congratulations to our tennis team:
Boys team won region Championship.
Girls were region Runner Ups

At Westwood we remain committed to excellence and achievement. Our students are well rounded and hard working. This is one of the values of attending a smaller school where you can play many sports and receive individual attention. Another region championship this year. So proud of our Cats!

Individual Accomplishments

  • Cameron Godwin – 2nd Region Runner up Boys Singles
  • Matthew Tucker 3rd Place Runner Up Boys Singles
  • John Kimball 4th Place Runner Up Boys Singles
  • Will High/ Brock Allen – Region Champs (Back to Back)
  • Brent Johnson/ Brandon Pham – Region Runner Ups
  • West Rogers/ Zach Delk – 3rd in Region
  • Perra Harrell – 2nd – Region Runner Up – Girls Singles
  • McKenlee Coleman – 3rd in Region – Girls Singles
  • Rachel Harrell/ Callie Smith – Region Champs
  • Ashley Bush/ Mary Parker Westbrook – 3rd
Congratulations Tennis team. Parents if you have pictures to share, please email them to vdavis at westwoodschools dot or or post them on the Westwood Facebook Page.
Congratulations tennis team! We’re proud of you. You’re aces.