Support the school as you buy gifts! Remember that your last SCRIP order is due December 13. We’ve uploaded a form for you with a list of all of the vendors. Buy your gift cards for Christmas through the school (and remember, you need to have your SCRIP /Grocery Voucher Credit so you might as well do this since you need those iTunes and other gift cards anyway.)

Poinsettia Delivery

National Honor Society Poinsettias will be delivered  on December 4 or you can pick them up after 2:15 pm on the stage in the auditorium. We’ve set a new record for the number of poinsettias sold! Thank you for supporting the programs of the National Honor Society.

Blood Drive

The Blood Drive is on Monday, December 9th. A donation to a scholarship fund for a Westwood senior is made for every pint of blood donated. This is a great way to help raise scholarship money.

Chic Fil A Scholarship

When you buy from Chic Fil A in large quantities or get them to cater, please ask to give the Westwood Schools Scholarship program credit for your purchase.

White Christmas

At Westwood we work hard to promote community service. The White Christmas food drive is on. Your children should have a note from the teacher letting you know what to bring, but here’s a copy listed by homeroom teacher of what each person is asked to bring.

Finals are coming up and half days December 18, 19, 20

Remember that finals are Tuesday, December 17 and Wednesday December 18 and that all three days: December 17,18, 19 will be half days for the entire school.

Wrestling Schedule available now

The Wrestling Schedule is available for download and has been put in the Google Calendar on our website.

Sports Assembly Held Today at School

Today was the Fall Sports Assembly at School. As your child for their certificate. We’ve posted Facebook updates on the page. Shotgun is competing in the State meet on Friday and Saturday.

Announced at the Sports Assembly today: 


All Region: Sage Sandefur, Lindsay Bowles, Tatum Brown, Alexandra Palmer
Honorable Mention: Mattie Rogers

Cross Country

Cross Country – second in Region: Brandon Butler, Varsity Boys placed second overall as a team


All State: JT Edore, Jamie Davis, Chason Worsham

(NOTE: AA has 24 teams and 28 players make all state with 110 nominations)  – WOW!

State All Star Game: 

Jamie Davis and JT Edore playing in the All Star Game this Saturday at Mercer University at noon

First team All Region: 

Jamie Davis, JT Edore, Chason Worsham, Dylon Smith, Jaques Irvin, Ralph Collins, John Mark Hendricks

Honorable Mention All Region Football: 

Ridge Collins, TJ Robertson, Collier Baggett

Great sports banquet (if other awards are announced or if they were missed, they will be posted separately.)