A talented group of Westwood students, lead by Computer Science/IT Director, Mrs. Vicki Davis, is currently in the process of filming a Christian screenplay.  The screenplay is titled “Unspeakable”, and the students working on the project are members of a Digital Film class taught by Mrs. Davis at Westwood.  The screenplay was written by the students and Mrs. Davis in the Fall of 2016 and is currently being filmed on location at Westwood.   Also assisting with the film are alumni Andrew Stargel (class of 2009) and Steve Shiver (class of 1994).  Andrew’s experience as a First AD for a variety of film projects in Atlanta has been a valuable resource in helping the students with all aspects of the project.  Steve’s background in music and drama have been a tremendous asset, and he is also acting in one of the lead roles in the screenplay.  The class expects to wrap up filming in June and begin the editing process immediately after that.  They are still in need of a few more actors and locations; anyone interested in participating may contact Mrs. Davis at the school.