Recently, Westwood seniors Abby Santos and Jay Patel were invited to be interviewed for the prestigious Mercer Special Consideration Program (SCP) for Pre-Med.  This is an “invitation only” event. Generally, up to 18 incoming freshmen are selected each year for this special program.  This year 10 were chosen.

 Complete applications for SCP were subject to screening by the M.D. Program Admissions Committee at Mercer University School of Medicine in this selective process before a decision to invite applicants to an interview is made.  The Admissions Committee invites up to 40 applicants to an interview at Mercer University School of Medicine as a step toward further consideration.

After completing this rigorous process, Abby and Jay have both been invited to enroll in the Special Consideration Program at Mercer and are two of the 10 students selected from hundreds of applications for Mercer’s Pre-Med program. They are the only two students in the state of Georgia selected from the same school.