Westwood SAT Scores Highest in Region

Sep 21, 2016

The entire graduating class of Westwood Class of 2016 are all away at college now, but we are still talking about their accomplishments on campus.  This class of soon-to-be business owners, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants, farmers, nurses, lawyers and community leaders exceeded both the Georgia and National Averages on their SAT scores.

Westwood Class of 2016

The Class of 2016 achieved an average of 1568 of a possible 2400 on verbal, math and writing.  Mac Collins led his class and the entire county as the STAR Student with the highest SAT in Mitchell County scoring an impressive 2110.  The Georgia average is 1450, which lags behind the national SAT average score of 1490.

One notable difference at Westwood is that all students are required to take the SAT, not just the top students.   An average of the top 10 Westwood graduates last year is 1734.

The highest SAT score in the state is Gwinnett Math, Science & Technology High School with a score of 1834.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently prepared a database comparing SAT scores of all the public high schools in Georgia.

Database Source:  http://schools.myajc.com/#/schools;name=worth;district=All;schoolType=High-Schools;orderBy=SAT



Why would you want to know what other schools were scoring?

Parents care about a high school’s average SAT score because higher SAT scores can indicate a better quality of education and a better quality of student at that school. The SAT measures academic ability gained from your educational experience.  Simply, the better the quality of education you receive, the better you’ll perform on the SAT.   Additionally, your SAT score is affected by how much you prepare for the test.

Westwood’s high average SAT score in an indication that their students are more invested in their education and committed to getting into a four-year college. These students study and spend more time preparing to take the SAT.  Westwood faculty members provide SAT test prep utilizing Kahn Academy curriculum to provide practice testing to improve student’s test scores.


Westwood’s long-standing tradition of excellence continues. Our primary focus remains on offering a quality, college-preparatory curriculum in a Christian environment.

Ross Worsham

Headmaster, Westwood Schools

Attending the college of a student’s choice is becoming more and more competitive.  Colleges have more stringent criteria for admission with one of those being a higher SAT or ACT score.     Parents care about a higher SAT because it increases their child’s ability to be accepted into the college of his/her own choice, and also increases the possibility of potential scholarship money.

Give Your Child an Edge

Education of your child is a parent’s choice.  When you choose to send your child to a high school with a higher average SAT score and more rigorous academic program, they’ll likely be surrounded by other hard-working students and determined, dedicated teachers, and thus receive a higher quality of education.  That is certainly the norm at Westwood, as the Class of 2017 has already exceeded this year’s scores with an average of 1674 on their SAT tests during their Junior year.