On August 21, 2017, students and teachers at Westwood Schools celebrated the eclipse with activities and parties the entire day!  In the elementary school, the activities included K4 students making “moon sand” and making celestial shapes with it, first graders studying how the moon moved to block the sun’s rays, and various grades making “moon rocks.”  All classes in grades 5-12 could go outside and watch the eclipse with the special eclipse glasses that were approved by NASA.   Children in grades K3-4th stayed inside their classrooms and viewed a live streaming feed of the eclipse from NASA.  The parents of the children in the lower elementary grades had the option of leaving their children in the classroom or coming to the school and escorting their children outside to the viewing party.   Some of the middle and high school activities were studies in perspective of the size of the moon, earth, and sun and the distance between the three; the computer classes downloaded apps to their phones that measured light levels during various parts of the eclipse.  English classes wrote essays on their experiences, while Spanish classes translated eclipse words.  Many classes watched NASA prepared videos on various aspects of the eclipse.  The students also experienced the fun side of the event with parties consisting of Moon Pies, Sun Chips, Sun Drop sodas, eclipse cookies, or cupcakes decorated with yellow icing and black Oreos on top, simulating the moon covering the sun.  The day culminated with the students, teachers, parents and many grandparents going out to the baseball field to view the actual event.  At Westwood, we strive to make learning interesting, fun and connected to the student’s lives.  We want to make lifelong learners out of our children!