The ninth grade students have been blogging and authoring this year about their work with digital citizenship and virtual worlds. (See their blog at

One student, Miller S., (withholding full name to protect identity for this writing) has been selected and is writing for British educational technology consultant Terry Freedman for his Computer in the Classrooms newsletter.  For this newsletter, she wrote an article about her views of social networking in education.  Additionally, Terry, who began his career as a teacher, and his wife Elaine, interviewed Miller via skype to create an audio recording called a podcast. This podcast will be released on Terry’s site next week.

Miller did such a great job, that she is also writing a weekly column for the next seven weeks called “Ask Miller” for Mr. Freedman in which she answers questions that come in from around the world about a teenagers view of technology in education.

We are very proud of Miller’s work and of all of the amazing students at Westwood Schools who work to excel in technology and in everything else that they do.  We will be watching Miller’s work, and you may subscribe to the newsletter, to see what she is writing and saying.

Terry Freedman has written over 3,000 articles and served as a teacher and administrator in the British Educational System from 1975 – 2004.  You can see his full bio here.  Mr. Freedman has been an advisor for Vicki Davis’ Flat Classroom Projects  and delivered the keynoted the 2008 project. He has also featured the writing of Westwood Senior, Casey Cox.