In December of 2016, Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts (Archer Daniels Midland Company) awarded a $14,000 grant to Westwood School that is now funding a new technology lab for the elementary and middle school grades.  This new lab is equipped with iPads, Apple TVs and management software along with Teacher iPads to interact and facilitate student work.

“Our appreciation is extended to Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts/Archer Daniels Midland Company for supporting our efforts to grow leaders for the future in this rural, agricultural area in Mitchell County.  We have had a long-standing relationship with ADM staff Carl Shiver, Leslie Primo and Paula Johnson who individually and corporately through ADM strive to improve quality of life and support our agricultural families within our community,” stated Westwood School Headmaster, Ross Worsham.

The new lab is mobile, and therefore, multiple classes will be able to utilize the equipment with ease at various times during the day.  Westwood’s Computer Science/IT Director, Vicki Davis, has been working diligently to educate both teachers and students on the new technology, and the benefits of putting iPads into the hands of each child in a classroom are already apparent.  Pilot classes in the training sessions have been Holly Layton’s K5 class and RoseMary Paramore’s 4th Grade.  Holly Layton says her K5 class is thrilled.  “They love them and ask every morning if it’s iPad day!” Rose Mary Paramore is very excited about what this new technology means for her 4th grade.  “My fourth graders are so excited about the new iPad lab.  Based on their enthusiasm alone, I know it is going make learning more meaningful and fun by unleashing creativity through story writing, going places never seen on virtual field trips, playing math games or taking part in virtual science  experiments.  I am eager to integrate this technology into my curriculum.”  Westwood is certainly blessed to have support from the community and talented and enthusiastic teachers who utilize resources to deliver the very best education to the students they serve.