The Westwood Senior Class of 2017 continues to exemplify excellence, and the final numbers indicate that they have received an impressive total of over $200,000 in scholarship monies.  With the average award per student being over $8000, these upcoming college freshmen will have a strong financial foothold as they begin the  next, exciting chapter in their future. Out of the 30 graduates, 20 have received either HOPE or Zell Miller awards, and alone, these monies account for over $96,000 of assistance for the first year of college tuition.   Local scolarships and college specific awards account for a total of over $112,000 of the scholarships awarded to this graduating class, and 5 students in the class earned over $10,000 each of these available monies.  Westwood administration, faculty, Board of Directors, parents and students continue to be grateful for the support from community businesses, individuals and organizations for providing these financial gifts and supporting outstanding graduates in our community each year.  The hard work of these students and the outstanding preparation they have received at Westwood have paid off, and the Class of 2017 has finished strong.   They will surely continue to impress as they embark upon their college careers and future endeavors.  Class of 2017, we are proud of you!