Westwood ninth and tenth graders have been programming apps this year. One of these apps will be selected to be published on the iTunes and Google Play stores. The assembly to select the apps will be held at 8:10 am on Tuesday, May 12 in the Auditorium. If you are interested in attending, please contact Vicki Davis at vdavis@westwoodschools.org.

Below is the information on how you can test and preview these apps.


Camilla, GA — Ninth and tenth-grade students at Westwood Schools have created apps as part of their Computer Science curriculum. After a semester-long series of competitions — called “Shark Tanks” after the television program — the top seven apps will be narrowed down to one which will go live on the Apple and Google Play stores this summer.

The Shark Tank presentations will start at 8:10 am on Tuesday, May 12 in the Westwood Schools auditorium as the students present their apps, app trailers, websites, and proposals in short five-minute pitches.

The “Sharks” are three judges from the IT Industry who will select the final app. Apps not chosen may be given the “green light” if they wish to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their app to go live on the stores.

The App Shark Tank Judges are:
  • Alefiya Bhatia, CEO of Crescerance
  • Paul Blough, CEO of Blough Tech in Cairo Georgia.
  • David Cooper, Engineering Consultant

You can preview these apps by downloading the “Crescerance App Preview” app and entering the app codes. Students have been building their apps using the MAD-learn App Development Curriculum from Crescerance. The student apps are as follows.

  • Drone Zone 449-726-792
  • iCare 720-004-554
  • InDangered 589-226-698
  • iExercise 564-789-803
  • Money manager 151-416-167
  • Nacho App 660-592-974
  • Westwood Schools 625-201-815

More information on apps include the links to their website and marketing materials are available on http://westwood.wikispaces.com/Final+Shark+Tank+App+Proposals. Apps and websites will be finalized Friday, May 8 at noon for testing and review.

These students are taught by Vicki Davis, author of the Award Winning Cool Cat Teacher Blog — recently named the top social media influencer in education by the Huffington Post Blog. With almost 100,000 followers on Twitter, a popular podcast and blog, Mrs. Davis is known as a pioneer in 21st-century education in the classroom.